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Dear Friend,

Here is your Find Your Perfect Life Partner tip forty four.

Who else wants to learn...

Life Partner Tip 44. The Secret (Of Everything!)

You want more _________ in your life, right? (Otherwise you wouldn't be still reading these darn tips!) So how do you go about getting it? Is there a formula that you can use? Well if you get my book you can magnetize a life partner easily enough, but what about other things? Can you manifest a BMW? Or a new house? How about eliminating your personal debt? Could you even be a part in reducing world hunger? Or even saving a life? Maybe your own life?

The answer is YES! There is a way. Many of you even know the way or parts of it already, but the fact is even an "manifestation expert" like myself can still learn about universal laws and how to apply them!

Last week a friend, who knows what I write about, asked me if I had seen a new movie called "The Secret" and suggested I check it out. I had not, so last night I looked up the site, grabbed a cup of tea and hit play. A short time later Amy and I were being given a "crash course" on total abundance, vibrant health and deep spirituality by physicists, religious leaders, philosophers and coaches. The resulting mind storm of information, ideas and creative juice kept us up almost half the night!

I highly recommend you check it out at, grab your life partner or a few like minded friends, plunk in a few quarters and prepare for a life changing hour and a half.

Sure you could treat it as entertainment but that would be missing the point. Instead absorb it as an instruction manual for your brain and the universe, then use it to do what ever you want! Be it, attracting a perfect life partner, a new home or even changing the world.

Either way you will have a deeper understanding of yourself, your family and what is "really going on" and that is a good thing!

To your success!


P.S. The above is a straight link to the site. I recommend it not for any financial gain but to assist you in deepening your understanding of manifestation and how to have a great life!

By: Sasha F.P. LeBaron
Sasha is the founder of an author and life coach. He lives on the west coast of British Columbia Canada with his life partner Amy. When not helping people find their perfect life partner he enjoys mountain biking and photography.

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