Perfect Life Partner Tips

Dear Friend,

Here is your Find Your Perfect Life Partner tip number forty three.

You have a great time every time you are out with _____ and then one day you think...

Life Partner Tip 42. Could My Best Friend Be My Perfect Life Partner?

In a word. Yes.

Some of the most stable long term couples I know started out as "just friends" and then after they were comfortable with each other and knew everyone kept asking; "Are you dating?" they realized that there was more to the relationship than friendship.

The best life partner relationships are based on friendship. Shared values, shared interests, shared goals and dreams for the future. So even when you didn't originally start out being interested in your friend in that way after you get to know them it can sometimes blossom into much more.

Here is a comment I found on another site while researching this topic.

There is a risk when you want to take the road from friendville to loverville. The best relationships are those which have a strong friendship base to begin with. You've just knocked out the 6 months of awkwardness at the beginning of a relationship. Imagine how much deeper the relationship can go based on the great foundation you've already built. People who take risks in life are the ones who win most often. They also have more failures. Life is about living on purpose and fully. Go for it. It is better to have loved and lost than never experienced true love.

So how do you do it?

Remember 80% of communication is non-verbal so the moment your feelings for your friend begin to change they will subconsciously know. The rest of the adventure is getting the conscious to get into the swing of things!

Change the dynamics.

Start flirting! If your friend flirts back up the ante and have fun! If may feel a bit weird at first but remember anything worth having is worth working for. When your friend starts to suspect that something has changed there may be a period of withdrawal but this is normal. Live your life and don't crowd. When the time is right you will be back together.


By: Sasha F.P. LeBaron
Sasha is the founder of an author and life coach. He lives on the west coast of British Columbia Canada with his life partner Amy. When not helping people find their perfect life partner he enjoys mountain biking and photography.

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