Perfect Life Partner Tips

Dear Friend,

Here is your Find Your Perfect Life Partner tip number forty.

You have found that lack of focus is keeping you from getting what you really want but...

Life Partner Tip 40. Your Manifestation is Still Going Nowhere!

Manifestation Challenge #2.

This one is harder for some people to grasp but when you really think on it then it makes total sense.

You're going for something that isn't in alignment with your highest self... Many people try to achieve what they think they should, instead of what they are really here for. Lets put it this way, if you're aiming for a goal or outcome that is not part of what you came here to learn this time around you are almost certain to come up empty handed.

Everyone is here for a reason. Find out what that reason is - and doorways will open for you. Who sets this great plan? You do! (With a little help from some folks that do that sort of thing for a living!) But here's the catch. Because you do it at the soul level you don't consciously remember it!

A Zen monk put it this way:

The ordinary person thinks that they will be happy when they get what the need. The Zen master is always happy. For the master knows that whatever he gets - he needs.

Because we manifest all the time, every “chance” encounter, event and meeting in your life is created by you. If not at a conscious level - then at a soul level.

As the Rolling Stones it so well:

You can't always get what you want,
But if you try sometimes,
You just might find,
You get what you need.

So if you find you often don't seem to manifest what you want it is almost always because you are trying to go against your soul's reason for being here now.

Sounds metaphysical I know, but when serious scientific researchers interviewed thousands of people from all walks of life under deep hypnosis they all said three things:

We have been here (Earth) before.
We have a hand in planning what happens to us here.
We are here to learn.

Science and spirit say the same thing, so who am I to argue?

To your success!

By: Sasha F.P. LeBaron
Sasha is a relationship coach, founder of and author. He lives with his life partner Amy, a large fluffy cat and still goes on romantic dates on a regular basis.

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