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Here is your Find Your Perfect Life Partner tip number twenty five.

What makes some people seem to have such an easy time while others struggle so much? It comes down to...

Life Partner Tip 25. Choices Choices and Damn Choices "or How to Use the Power of Personal Choice to Attract the Life Partner of Your Dreams."

When was the last time you were late? When was the last time you set an alarm clock and then hated it with a passion when it woke you up seven hours later? When was the last time you bought something you didn’t really need?br>
Most of us make choices of this type every day and we wonder why we A. aren’t fully satisfied with our life and B. why we can’t seem to attract the life partner we know is out there.
Here is a secret. There is incredible power in choice. Simply by taking active control of unconscious or non-supportive choices you open up a powerhouse of energy and improve the course of your life in the same moment.
So how do you access this power?

First, choose to! Say to yourself right now, “I control my direction by the choices I make.” When you make powerful choices, you effect your direction and as your direction begins to change so does your whole life!

Second, take action. Build your choice muscles by taking control of your choices. Study them, stalk them like a cat with a mouse. Instead of doing what you “always do” in the morning slow down and pay attention to the choices you are making. Then ask yourself “Does this choice I am making right here to ______ empower me or does it drain me?” Do this a number of times in the day. Do you have to do things the way you have “always done them?” or is there a simpler, faster, more powerful way? If there is, choose it!

You know what you are looking for when it comes to your perfect life partner right? If not pick up my book and get clear, if yes then great! Pay attention to your actions, thoughts and feelings when you are in a situation with a potential life partner. Slow down and choose your words, thoughts and reactions consciously. Does this choice get me closer or further away from my goal of finding a life partner? If it does, go to the next choice. If it doesn’t, choose a different word, action, thought, etc. This may seem hard at first but by paying close attention to your choices you will quickly see which ones help you and which hinder. And because knowledge is power, you can then choose a different way.

In a nutshell. Pay attention to the choices you make. Consciously choose your actions, words and thoughts as much as you can. Remind yourself that your current situation is the result of past choices and that you can change, starting NOW. And finally choose to be OK with the way things are because: A. You made the choices that got you here and: B. You can choose another path.

The choice is yours.

To your success!


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