Perfect Life Partner Tips

Dear Friend,

Here is your Find Your Perfect Life Partner tip number twenty three.

After falling flat on your face, floundering around and even wondering if it was really possible to find a perfect life partner...

Life Partner Tip 23. You Are Ready To Grasp the Secrets of Communication, Influence and Charm.

Talk is Expensive

Children think only of whom? Themselves! Some adults are really no better. In fact when I started dating I was a bit of a conversation hog and lost a lot of oportunities before I finally learned to be more quiet on the first few dates! Let your partner talk. Ask those leading questions and be interested! It may seem that I am hammering on this point but it is IMPORTANT! Being a good conversationalist is worth more than most college degrees so practice, practice, practice!

That Golden Word

Thousands of hours of tape, hundreds of interviews and the professional opinions of Bell telephone operators can't be wrong. The most important word in our vocabulary is what? Our own name of course! Think of looking through your friend's pictures, what are you really looking for? Pictures of you! So when out on the first date or later in the relationship don't forget to use your life partner's name! Play with the tone, the inflection and the delivery. Say it like a movie star, or a jazz singer. Have fun! Your relationship will thrive for it!

Conversation 101

In experiment after experiment it has been proven that the most powerful "opening line" consists of only two small letters. Do you know what they are? H and i. Hi. "Hi" (Smile. Extend hand.) "My name is ______. What's yours? ( See above). I have heard so many cheesy pickup lines and yet when it comes to real power the word "Hi" knocks all the others dead. So next time you are at a loss for words, say "Hi".

There you are three powerful tips for the price of one. Some may be review, some may be new but they are all meant for you! ;)



By: Sasha F.P. LeBaron
Sasha is the founder of an author and life coach. He lives on the west coast of British Columbia Canada with his life partner Amy. When not helping people find their perfect life partner he enjoys mountain biking and photography.

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