Perfect Life Partner Tips

Dear Friend,

Here is your Find Your Perfect Life Partner tip number 22.

Do you let fear of rejection hold you back? Do you hesitate when you could make a connection that might lead to... a hot date? a life partner? a new relationship?

Life Partner Tip 22. Overcoming Fear of Rejection and Gaining Power, Joy and Maybe Even A Life Partner Too!

Look, we all have some fear. It is a natural left over from running away from saber tooth tigers and cave bears. A little fear is good. A lot of fear doesn't help anyone. And more specifically, fear of rejection is a huge drain when it comes to finding a life partner.

In the past I let so many opportunities pass me by through not taking action that one day I "snapped" and I made a vow that I would never let fear of rejection hold me back again. I hope you have reached that point too!

Because when I finally solved my fear problem and found out how simple the solution was it was it made me angry for neglecting that self growth it for so long. Remember profound wisdom is usually simple. Following it is the challenging part!

The answer my friend is this:


When my mother was afraid of spiders we got a plastic spider and over time brought it closer and closer till she could hold it in her hand without flinching, then we repeated the same thing with a real dead spider and then finally with a real live spider. She still doesn't like spiders but she can deal with them now that she has taken action and overcome her fear.

So to beat fear of rejection; first choose to act then tell yourself in advance that when the next opportunity for meeting a potential life partner comes you will do what ever it takes to interact with that person. The actual encounter can be anything, the important thing is that you took action! Then whatever happens you can go on with your life knowing you acted in spite of fear and maybe finally found your perfect life partner!

If you follow this deceptively simple concept you will not only change your life partner chances but you will change the whole way in which you look at life. So next time you see that potential Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Take action!


Say "Hi! My name is ___"

Or any other thing that will get you in contact. The most important part is to take the action, step out of your comfort and make things happen!

To your success!



By: Sasha F.P. LeBaron
Sasha is the founder of an author and life coach. He lives on the west coast of British Columbia Canada with his life partner Amy. When not helping people find their perfect life partner he enjoys mountain biking and photography.

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