Perfect Life Partner Tips

Dear Friend,

Here is your Find Your Perfect Life Partner tip number eighteen.

Are you sick and tired of being alone? Being lonely? Seeing all your friends with a partner...

Life Partner Tip 18. Then you need to stop procrastinating, take some risks and get on with finding your very own perfect life partner!.

Look, we all have a strong biological drive to have a life partner. Our ancestors passed along that trait otherwise you and I wouldn't be here today. This is a natural part of being human. Though some people never do marry or find a life partner either by choice or by circumstance, most of us do. So if you want a partner, your biology is "encouraging" you to find a partner and your friends are more and more turning into couples, what holding you back? Two things held me back. One is fear, the other is procrastination.

I have experienced both and as far as getting over fear of rejection, fear of dating, fears of almost any type there is nothing like learning from others. Read what has worked for those you admire, then adapt the techniques that worked for them to your love life. Another great way to overcome social fear is to participate in theatre of any sort. The training, practice and performance will build your social muscles in no time!

The next thing to tackle is the challenge of procrastination. Many of us put off things that we know are important because we are "too busy" or "too tired" or "too (insert your excuse here)." The fastest way to bust this habit is to focus on what your not taking action will cost you tomorrow, next week, next month and over the rest of your life, when it comes to finding a life partner. Then when you have really felt the loss, suffering and pain that not taking action will inflict on you, do something!

It can be anything. Checking out a dating site or two and putting up a profile. Try or even picking up the phone and calling that cute guy/girl you know would like to see more of you. Or you can even try signing up for a speed dating night with a friend. Heck you could just grab a copy of my book! ! The point is to take action toward finding that special person. I can tell you that once I had used the techniques I outline in my book to attract my perfect life partner I had so much more energy to devote to other things that I am passionate about. All this extra time and energy used to be taken up with searching, dating, networking and always keeping my "radar" on to seek out Ms. Right.

At the end of the day you can do what ever you want but I can tell you having a life partner has transformed my life! But don't take my word for it... get out there and take some action! Overcome that fear and procrastination and jump in with both feet. Dating, relationships, love, passion all await those who take action!

To Your Success!

By: Sasha F.P. LeBaron
Sasha is the founder of an author and life coach. He lives on the west coast of British Columbia Canada with his life partner Amy. When not helping people find their perfect life partner he enjoys mountain biking and photography.

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