Life Partner Game, Set - Match!


Last year I bought your Perfect Life Partner ebook, worked through it, and finished it. It took a couple of weeks, but I did it, then, as you suggested I let it go.

A month or so later, I joined match.com. Two and one-half months later I met my match. May 19 of this year will be the one-year anniversary since we met, and we're getting married on that day.

So yes, the online thing really works, your workbook really works, letting go of the outcome absolutely works, and we have a fabulous relationship.

And oh, by the way, we're in our late 50's. Love at this age is the best, and every moment is precious.


Linda P.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Life Partner... Looking Good!

Wow, thanks for your personal reply, I though I was simply an email address.

Also something really wierd happened to me and I think you'd appriciate it. I'd learned about the Law of Attraction back in the summer. 

About 3 weeks ago I met a very nice guy and we talked so easily and comfortably. We went out again and plan on another date.  Oddly enough he fits all the criteria!

Trust me when I say that this NEVER happens to me.

After meeting him the first time I went back to my list and shreiked "stop the universe!"  I forgot to add financially fit and handy around the house.  Well that remains to be seen, but he is honest, comfortable, intellegent, spiritual, attractive to me, has intregity, and is trustworthy.  So far I see not "dealbreaking" bad habits.  Soooooo what do you think?

Seattle WA


Hi E,

Congratulations on using manifestation! I am so not surprised by your story because it always works (in my experience anyway!) Lately I have been manifesting parking spots right by the entrance to the mall and have been batting a hundred. I know that's not very evolved but its fun.

Good luck!!



Sasha, you're a GENIUS !!!!
Well, I know that's a strong word, but really, what you write is so true,, so helpful!


Happy New Year!

New York, NY


Thanks H,

Happy New Year to you too!!


I Found Her!

Hey Sasha!


I met my life partner in the Ukraine! Her name is Yana and we are getting married and hopefully she will be here by Christmas.

Thanks again!

Chicago, Illinois


Hi M,


Great news!

Thanks for sharing your good fortune!

Good luck and thanks for the words!


It took Jennifer less than a month to find her Perfect Life Partner



I thought you should be one of the first to know!!!!

So....thanks again!!!!!!

Love, Jennifer



I wish you all the best!



PS May I use your email as an endorsement on my website?

Absolutely! A testimonial is the least I can do for you!

One month exactly since I filled out your ebook.

He fits my vision so precisely it's ridiculous.


Jennifer L.
Toronto Ontario

He's was alone and lonely... and found his life partner within 2 weeks of getting the package and now they are married!

"I just wanted to say thanks to you. my relationship is GREAT! I have never been happier and the concepts in your great course really made a difference..."

-- Kacper Postawski

He found his life partner fast...

"After reading Secrets of Finding Your Perfect Life eBook, and putting it into action I can HONESTLY say I found my partner in ONLY 6 weeks with no real effort! Wow! -- to say I was impressed would be an understatement...

-- RG
North Vancouver BC Canada

His perfect partner appeared within a few weeks of reading your amazing book...

"I read your eBook, Find Your Perfect Lifepartner, and I was amazed at how smoothly she appeared and fit into my life.Within a few weeks I was spending the most romantic night of my life with the woman of my dreams! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-- JP
Vancouver BC Canada

She's found her future husband in under a month...

"I made my "dream list" including exactly what I did and more importantly didn't want. Then I went to the beach and read it out loud and within the month I met my future husband!

-- AW
Victoria BC Canada